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Log4Net Document Viewer

Edi supports viewing and filtering log4net XML files generated from a logging session. Just name your logger output with a log4net file extension (eg. MyLog.log4net) and EDI will recognize it as log4Net output.


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dirkster Apr 12, 2013 at 11:01 PM 
Hi Dimitry,

thanks for your comment - you are of course right - the file extension is only one halve of the solution. I forgot not mention the XmlLayoutSchemaLog4j bit because I thought anyone who's using log4net knows about it (silly me). I actually configured EDI to produce log4net output with said extension and XML layout:

So, you could use the EDI application itself as a sample for producing this log4net output... just set the level in the root tag to value="All" and you should get plenty of Info/Trace output to look at.

I actually do debug EDI with log4net and view the resulting output with a stable version of EDI - I think that is rather cool. Thanks for your comment. Please let me know if that answers your comment.

dmitriy_konovalov Apr 11, 2013 at 1:16 PM 
I like your idea about dedicated extension for log4net output. But I have to mention that now YALV (and your project too) reads log4j-style output only. That's right, log4net logging system can produce xml output in different formats. And at this moment YALV understands only files created with XmlLayoutSchemaLog4j (for better compatibility). So, you should configure log4net to produce files with "log4net" extension AND with log4j xml layout.