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Error Handling and Reporting

Every critical method is guarded with an error reporting messge box


You should never ever see one of these. If you do, though, please click on the hyperlink in the dialog and report your problem to get it fixed.

The application is configured to log critical error by default into a dedicated logging file. You can find this file by entering %TEMP% into the AddressBar of the Windows Explorer. Review the Edi sub-folders in this directory:


A logging entry looks something like this:

<log4j:event logger="Edi.ViewModel.Workspace" level="ERROR" timestamp="1352126384218" thread="9">
<log4j:message>Attempted to divide by zero.</log4j:message>
<log4j:NDC />
<log4j:locationInfo class="Edi.ViewModel.Workspace"
                    method="Void &lt;InitCommandBinding&gt;b__1(System.Object, System.Windows.Input.ExecutedRoutedEventArgs)"
                    file="C:\Users\Internet\Desktop\Neuer Ordner\20121026_Edi\Edi\ViewModel\Workspace_Command.cs" line="54" />
 <nlog:eventSequenceNumber>2</nlog:eventSequenceNumber><nlog:locationInfo assembly="Edi, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null" />
 <log4j:properties><log4j:data name="log4japp" value="true" /><log4j:data name="log4jmachinename" value="MyLogin"/></log4j:properties></log4j:event>

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