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Syntax Highlighting

The Syntax Highlighting can be customized for usage by individual users. Have a look into the:

  • Edi\AvalonEdit\Highlighting

sub-directory. In it you should a find a few xshd files that can be used as a template. Just Copy & Paste one of these files and change the:

  • name of the xshd file
  • name and extension attributes in the SyntaxDefiniton tag and adjust the regular expression patterns of course.

Edi comes with pre-installed syntax highlighting patterns for the following file types:

(Application) Name File Extension Name in Edi
Action Script 3 .as ActionScript3
Active Server Page (ASP)
Extensible Hypertext Markup Language (XHTML)
.asp;.aspx;.asax;.asmx;.ascx;.master ASP/XHTML
The Boo Programming Language .boo Boo
The Compiler Generator Coco/R .atg Coco
C/C++ .c;.h;.cc;.cpp;.hpp C++
MS-DOS Batch .bat;.dos BAT
F# .fs F#
INI Configuration file .cfg;.conf;.ini INI
Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) .htm;.html HTML
Lisp .sls;.sps;.ss;.scm Scheme
Pascal .pas Pascal
Patch (Diff file comparison tool) .patch;.diff Patch
Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) .php PHP
Powershell .ps1;psm1 Powershell
Python .py Python
Ruby .rb Ruby
Structured Query Language (SQL) .sql SQL
Squirrel .nut Squirrel
TEX .tex TeX
Text (Supports Wiki like highlighting) .txt TXT
Velocity Template Language (VTL) .vtl; .vm VTL
Visual Basic .vb VBNET
Extensible Markup Language (XML) .aml;.xml;.xsl;.xslt;.xsd; .manifest;.config;.addin;.xshd;.wxs;.wxi;.wxl; .proj;.csproj;.drproj;.vbproj;.ilproj;.booproj; .build;.xfrm;.targets;.xaml;.xpt;.xft;.map; .wsdl;.disco;.ps1xml;.nuspec XML
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