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Edi's user interface can be used in a variety of languages, such as,

Italian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Portuguese, Hindi, English, or German.
Just set your language in the Tools>Program Settings... dialog option
(and re-start the application):


Note: Setting a new language requires a re-start of the application.

Hints for Localization

Here is what you can do if you want to localize this software into more languages:
  • Download the source code from the source tab
  • Locate string resources (files with '*.resx') files
  • Copy each English file (Strings.resx) into one of your languages country code (e.g. for German)
  • Translate the strings in the files that you just copied
  • Spell check your translation
  • Send me the translated files for review and integration into the source project


Checkout Locult which is available on Codeplex

Consistency and Quality

It is always best if you translate into a language in which you are fluent or a native speaker.
Use a spell and grammar checker if you can (e.g. Open Office)
Use consistent translations. Be sure to always translate a given term from English (e.g. Shape) into the same term in your language (do not translate it sometimes into 'Objekt' and some other time into 'Element' in German).

Here are two web-sites that can be helpful finding good candidates for translation:

For example English - German

or here:

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