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Log4Net Document Viewer

Edi supports the log4net document viewer which is available from the YalvLib project here on Codeplex. This project in turn is based on the excellent Yalv! Yet another log4net viewer project. It is more than obvious that ValvLib only exists because Yalv! has made such a good effort to start with:

Edi supports viewing and filtering log4net XML files generated from a logging session.
  • Setup log4net to generate output in the log4j (XmlLayoutSchemaLog4j) style and
  • name the generated file with a log4j file extension (eg. MyLog.log4j).

Edi will recognize this as log4Net output and display it with the viewer shown here.

Edi is already configured to produce log4net output with said extension and XML layout:

So, you could use Edi itself as a sample for producing this log4net output... just set the level in the root tag to value="All" and you should get plenty of Info/Trace sample output to look at.


The log4net tool window gives you very precise filter options based on the classification of the entries (INFO, WARN, DEBUG, ERROR, or FATAL) that you are looking at. You can filter for one type exclusively (radio option) or for any combination (check box options).

The output in the log4net Messages tool window shows you further details about the selected entry in the document viewer (if available).

The log4net viewer uses themed colors depending on the dark/bright theme you are using (the dark theme colors only the foreground color in each row while the bright theme has the row background colored to the corresponding message level - Warning, Error etc)
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